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This book discusses the aggressive, unrelenting, passionate power of genuine love - the love modeled by Jesus which has nothing to do with manners or unconditional acceptance. Rather, His love was shrewd, disruptive, courageous and socially unacceptable and yet absolutely redemptive in its boldness. So ours should also be.

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Deals with emotions, forgiveness, anger, fear, contempt, despair and redemption through a reading of the Psalms. Discusses how our emotions reveal our deepest questions of God - and ways to resolve them. It is from this book that comes the statement: "I cannot weep without sensing that each tear is caught in the crevice of His wounds, mingled with His sorrow, and saved as a rare perfume to anoint His glory."

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Interactive book to help heal with anger issues through A 13-step interactive plan that explains how emotions and unmet needs can feed anger--and tells how readers can find healthy ways to express and control it.

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John Sage, founder and excecutive director of Bridges to Life says of this book: "It is a comprehensive and historical report of man's inhumane treatment of one another. It is broad in scope from the horror of slavery, Holocaust, and Apartheid to the mother or father having their son or daughter murdered. After reading this book, my foremost thought is that the process of reconciliation and healing is much the same, whether 6 million people or one loved one was murdered."

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Materials from Prison Fellowship Victim Ministry on helping family, friends and neighbors in crisis and need)

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One of the best devotional classics I've ever used.

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(Part of the Grief Watch materials) book, video and power point.

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